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Okay – I’ve resisted twitter like mad – I need some privacy in my life. However, I’ve thrown myself into tumblr like a mad thing. I’ve got three joined accounts and please feel free to follow me on any/all of these.

I like the compact look of it - text entries will have to be short, short, short so, it’s less daunting than a livejournal post – I feel so behind on here. I did so much last year, saw bands, went to exhibitions, watched movies and with all my fanfic writing commitments, a much busier RL workload as well as all the fun doing my bit for [ profile] jim_and_bones, I feel like I haven’t kept a record of all the fun I’ve had. Hey, maybe no one cares except me, but I care a lot! So I’m going to post every day on Mini Minestrone – sometimes text, usually photos.

My main one is Mini Minestrone – where I’ll reblog all my fandom interests, post about movies, books, TV, art, travel etc..

• Alongside I have a brand new Mad About Don Draper page. There is no need to explain this. I am in love. He’s everything I hate and love in a man – that is all.

And finally, I have a page where I’m putting up my collection of photos under the theme of Lost and Abandoned Toys . I have a hefty queue in place for this – publishing twice a week. Hope you like ‘em!

All the accounts are works in progress as I learn my way around the place. While it’s super easy to re-blog and upload stuff, I’m having problems tweaking the appearance. Whatever, it’s fun and seems a perfect compromise between twitter and livejournal where i can be a little more immediate with my portions of minestrone. Some of the stuff I’ll cross-post on here. I fully intend to continue with my sporadic replicator minestrone posts, my regular minestrone posts, my pr0n posts, and any other moments of randomage that tickle my fancy. So I’m not going away, just gonna spam you more!

Also, I haven’t forgotten the kind offers from you lovely friends who agreed to help me out with my fic journal’s lay-out. I’m thrilled to bits but super busy at the moment. I thought I’d think about this during half term – then it’ll be less of a rush job and I’ll be able to give you my undivided!

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